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  • NMAT 2022 Analysis

    NMAT - 2022

    NMAT 2022 is taking place from 10th October 2022 to 19th December 2022.

    NMAT 2022 is being conducted as a CAT (computer adaptive test) where the test takers need to ensure that they answer the questions correctly than just aiming to attempt a lot of questions to get a high score. The computer adaptive test is similar to the pattern conducted by GMAC for the GMAT exams. 

    There are a total of three sections in the question paper and the test takers can take up the questions in any order. The three sections had the same number of questions i.e 36. while the timing was 52 mins for the Quantitative Skills section, 40 mins for the Logical Reasoning section and 28 mins for the Language Skills section. 

    Quantitative Skills Section

    Total Questions: 36

    Areas Tested: Arithmetic, Numbers, P & C, Probability, Logarithms, Quadratic Equations, etc. 

    Data Interpretation: Two Sets 

    Problems on Geometry and Mensuration were not present in some slots.

    Logical Reasoning Section

    Total Questions: 36

    Areas tested: Critical reasoning i.e., Statements and Conclusions, Statements and Assertions, Statements and Assumptions, Strong and Weak arguments, etc; Data arrangement, Coding-decoding, Comparison, Input/output, Deductions, Venn diagrams, Courses of Action, etc.

    Difficulty: Moderate 

    Language Skills Section

    Total Questions: 36

    Areas tested:  Fill in the blanks with prepositions, Analogies, Spotting errors, Synonyms, Para Formation Questions, Cloze Test, and Reading Comprehension.

    Difficulty: Moderate