“The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.” – Ken Blanchard

This is a person who is able to take a complicated problem and then to be able to break down that problem into small and easily manageable segments which are a lot less intimidating to employees and would therefore allow them to move forward with more confidence.
Businesses and corporations cannot survive without profits and therefore every employee will be able to contribute more to the success of that business or Corporation when they are skilled in selling things and in negotiating with clients and customers.
People who are inspired and motivated are in a better state emotionally to commit themselves to the process of reaching an objective or goal. Without inspiration or motivation, progress may be inordinately slow which will not be in the best interests of business.
The ability to persuade people who are reluctant or slow to commit to a particular product or service is a very valuable skill to have, and it is really helpful when there are many employees in a Corporation who are able to persuade people.
Successful negotiation is essential to convert a potential client into a person who is ready to purchase. Skillful negotiators are a valuable resource in any corporation or business.
A motivated person is a successful person simply because they already have the necessary energy to get started with that important task while people who are not motivated are obviously expending their energy on things, which is not in the interest of the Corporation or business.
This could be a group of people who are able to work together on a common enterprise or project, and there can be no doubt that effective cooperation could help to speed up progress on any project which will always lead to greater productivity.