Communication Skills

“Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.” Brian Tracy

The ability to express desires, ideas and decisions coherently and intelligently is a very important attribute both in personal life and also in the business environment.
A person who is skilled in reading body language will be able to use that skill to a great advantage wherever he/she comes into contact with other individuals, because a lot could be understood by merely observing other people.
Just like how body language of others could be read, in the same way people who are communicating are themselves using a substantial amount of physical communication, such as hand movements, communication with the eyes and a whole range of other mannerisms which could help to clarify what is being said. It has been said that the words you speak is only a small percentage of the total communication process
It is surprising how many professionals in the workplace are no longer able to communicate effectively when writing letters or other important communications. Many of them are forced to depend on secretaries and assistants to assist them with their written communications.
Simply providing facts as they are needed may not be optimally effective, but when that information could be communicated in the form of a story this could significantly enhance recollection of the information which has been shared.
There is an excellent reason why corporations and businesses make use of visual aids during corporate meetings or during training sessions with employees, and that is simply because people assimilate information easier and quicker when it is presented in visual form.
The corporate environment can be a stressful place but when there are leaders in the business environment who can manage to see the humor in every situation, this can really help to shift the perceptions of people in the workplace, helping them to look at those problems differently and more objectively.
This is basically a person with a certain level of intelligence who has the natural ability to give the correct response or answer to any question without any long delays; in other words, instant answers. This could be exceptionally useful in any corporation or business environment.
Very few people stop to consider the fact that we have received two ears and only one mouth which should signify to people that we are supposed to listen twice as much than we speak. It’s when you listen to other people that you will be able to learn a tremendous amount about how they think, their perceptions and their needs.
There are many people who occasionally have an extraordinary idea which could be very useful in the workplace or corporate environment but unfortunately they lack the ability to present that idea or concept to other people in a way that sounds exciting, interesting and in a way that clearly exhibits the extraordinary value of that idea or concept. This is why thousands of awesome ideas never get any further than the minds of those people who have conceived them.
There are a very large number of people in our modern business environment who are really scared to death when they are required to speak in public. However people who do have this vital skill will be able to use it to great effect when it becomes necessary to address large numbers of people.
Interviewing has become very important in the modern business environment, and it requires the interviewer to be a person who is able to judge job applicants accurately and to determine their potential value to the Corporation or business.