Personal skills

“The more personal responsibility you take for every one of your thoughts, the more powerful a thinker-and leader-you will become.” Robin Sharma

This is basically the ability that the person has to control and to effectively express emotion. These people are able to handle interpersonal relationships sensibly and compassionately.

This is that conscious knowledge of a person’s desires, motives, feelings and character and discovering these things can be a difficult process but the benefits can be a clearer understanding of self-awareness.

Hardships will be encountered but that is not the thing that shapes us as people but rather it is our perception of those hardships and how we decide to handle those hardships that will be the most important factor in our personal growth.

This is something which people were forced to deal with, especially over the last two or three decades since the Internet. Emerging technologies have forever changed the way in which productivity is measured and managed. It seems as though people never had to adapt more quickly than right now and mostly it is younger people who seem to be able to handle change better and also a lot more quickly.

Criticism is something which everyone will encounter many times during their lives and the sensible thing to do is to carefully evaluate that criticism and to determine how much truth is contained in that assessment and how much could be used to your benefit. Once that assessment has been made; get your focus back on your objective and move on.


Every single person on this planet has certain talents and skills, although it may be true that some people have more than others but nevertheless it’s important for each person to discover their talents and then try to do everything possible to improve upon them in any way possible. Focus on your strengths and use them to your advantage in every way possible and be proud of those talents.

This planet is not going to stop turning and likewise mankind is in a continual process of expansion, and as new technologies emerge this will necessitate changes and people will simply need to adapt if they are serious about success in their personal lives and in the careers. Failure to do so will result in a situation where they will fall behind while others go ahead.

When a rubber ball is bounced, that ball will continue to bounce back; it is the same with a small child; he/she is never held down by setbacks but he/she will always make a strong comeback and this is also important in the workplace and in adult life. It doesn’t matter how many times you are knocked down but what does matter is whether you’re getting back up again.

This is the ability to be confident in a situation and to express forcefulness of personality when situations arise that require that ability. Those people who have honed this essential skill are those who will be at the forefront when situations are encountered that needs immediate action.

It is those who are at the forefront of a situation when decisions need to be made, that will be noticed the most frequently. It serves no purpose to stand at the back of the line, because this would disqualify you as a person who can be relied upon when the size of action is needed. This is why it is important to be competitive and to eagerly accept every challenge which comes your way.

If you do not have control over your own life or destiny, how can you expect to provide direction to others? You need to have at least a basic idea of who you are and what your destiny is before you could try to lead others towards their destiny.

Many people avoid being honest with themselves and therefore they fail to make the kind of decisions which could help them to improve. This leaves them in a situation where they are frequently accessed by others and found wanting. This is why you have to sit down from time to time and analyze your own life to see how far you have come and how much still needs to be done.

Statistic shows that countries where people are allowed more holiday time are actually more productive than countries where people have shorter holidays. However it will serve no purpose when no work is done because that will simply not be productive, however to focus continually on work may lead to a situation where all objectivity can be lost. Taking the occasional break can provide you with the perfect opportunity to consider your life and your professional career.

You do not catch flies with vinegar, you catch them with honey and likewise a friendly attitude will be considerably more productive than a moody, anti social personality that is difficult to interact with, and which people will prefer to avoid at all costs.

You will not be very likely to do something about which you are not enthusiastic, because it will be difficult to generate the necessary energy to get going with that task. Therefore an excellent question to ask yourself before you engage in a potentially boring activity is how much fun can you have with this and how quickly could you complete this task in order to allow you to get back to those things, which you really love.

Every person could go through difficult times at some point during their lives, it could happen to you, and therefore how can you expect others to have empathy with you when you cannot find it in your heart to sympathize with them when they are going through difficult times.