About Prime Educators

Prime Educators is one of the most ambitious corporate training companies in India. To maintain the highest possible standards, Prime Educators uses some of the most experienced corporate trainers that can be found in India. Every single one of these professionals has 10 years or more experience when it comes to both training and mentoring students and corporate employees. Our Advisers combined has over 25,000 hours of corporate training experience which makes them the perfect team when it comes to the training of any group of young and experienced professionals.

Reputable and experienced organization

The most important part of Prime Educator’s role will always be people and the impact which we can have on those people and their lives. At Prime Educators we do not merely focus on the professional lives of people but we also seek to stimulate people in their personal lives and other relationships, which is important in order to ensure comprehensive success in every area. When people are better educated, they are more competent and this leads to a higher level of respect firstly for themselves and then also for others because they are in a better position to analyze the value of other people. Everything today revolves around people and this is why Prime Educators is committed to provide education which will touch the lives of all people and that will help them to make an impact on their environment.

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“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” 


Meeting people at their own specific level

At Prime Educators, we do not merely educate for the sake of education but we go beyond the mere classroom experience, focusing specifically at how we can better prepare people for their professional career. We are very serious to provide an educational model, which is interactive in its approach to education, and in doing so we are better able to stimulate change both at the individual level and also in organizations. Education, in order to be truly effective needs to pursue excellence and the way in which this is undertaken is through the development of people. As a corporate training company, we never remain constant in our approach to education but rather we are constantly adapting and incorporating new mythologies, techniques and better tools of education. We accomplish this through our exceptionally trained and qualified team of corporate trainers, who are themselves absolutely committed to research in order to ensure that we are better prepared to share our knowledge and expertise with those who come to us for corporate training.

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Head Office

4th Floor, No 33, F Block,

Dev’s Ark, IInd Avenue,

Anna Nagar East,

Chennai – 600 102.

School Tuitions

Tel: +91 9840774124

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Tel: +91 7550074124



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