Every successful business needs individuals with strong problem solving skills who are able to analyze a problem in the system and then to find the way to circumnavigate that problem with the least amount of time and effort.

This skill is also known as critical analysis which means a clear and rational thinking process. It is understood that this skill of critical thinking allows a person to make clear, fair and well-reasoned judgments.

This is the ability to look at the existing process, product or device and to study it carefully and then to find a way to use it more effectively or to replace it with something more technologically advanced.

When something is not working in the way in which it was designed to work, then there should be a troubleshooting process which should allow employees or supervisors to discover the root of that problem in order to find a solution.

There is a very valid reason why something has been designed in a specific way and therefore it should be obvious that using such an appliance differently could result in very negative consequences.

It helps when people have a creative nature because that could help them to discover new processes or they may be able to improve upon current processes and both of these scenarios could substantially benefit the business.