checked.png Prime Educators conducted the training for half a day and 40 of our employees were trained in Interpersonal Skills by exploring Self-Realization, Self-Improvement and the need for a Good Attitude. The training involved a lot of activities in addition to theoretical training and it was refreshing to see our employees invigorated after the training session. There was lot of interaction between participants and the trainers conducted themselves in a very impressive manner.

Director of a Automotive Manufacturing Company in Chennai


checked.png Prime Educators conducted a Soft Skills and Life Skills Training Program for our employees during the month of February 2017. The training was conducted over a period of seven days and our employees were trained in Client Interfacing Skills, Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication and Presentation Skills. The training was conducted in a very professional manner and was undertaken by well qualified and knowledgeable trainers. The sessions were a mix of theoretical and practical learning and each session was accompanied by handouts, activity based exercises and well-researched presentations. I have seen a dramatic change in the attitude of my employees and the response from the employees was extremely positive and I am happy to see that Prime Educators has met their stated objectives.

CEO of an IT Company having offices in India and USA


checked.png Prime Educators was really meticulous when it came to identifying the problems that our hotels were facing. They came up with thoughtful and innovative programs for our employees and there was lot of practical training in their sessions which was very encouraging. Prime Educators had different programs for our administrative, kitchen, maintenance and front office staff. We were able to see a drastic change in the mindset of our employees. I have noticed that their trainers go overboard in delivering the right sort of training and ensuring that our employees are also applying their learning to their daily work. Post training support provided by Prime Educators has also enabled us to monitor the effectiveness of the training.

Director of a group of hotels in Chennai


checked.png I am really happy with the professional approach followed by Prime Educators in understanding the training requirements and developing suitable training modules that were ideal for my organization. Every activity in the program had great learning for all the participants. Overall, the program was very effective. Thank you, Prime Educators.

Director of a Pharmacy Group in Chennai


checked.png Prime Educators led by its trainers has the ability to stand out, the ability to humanely connect with very diverse groups of audience, the ability to drive home any message with great clarity, the ease of articulation, the ability to address public concerns effectively and the ability to intersperse anecdotes to make the learning more experiential.

Managing Trustee of a NGO in Chennai